Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Eye Candy

 Yesterday I shared some favorite images from
Marie Antoinette by Sofia Copolla.

Perusing them takes you back in time

Things may change but they also stay the same

We all have our responsibilities and expectations

We all dream of contentment and happiness 

Sometimes situations seem to be better...

...than they actually are...

...and sometimes we all wish to escape.

Sometimes we all feel dispare...

...and overwhelmed by life

...and sometimes we all just want to stay in bed,
forget it all,
cuddle with someone we love,
and skip the day

No one understands my ills,
nor the terror that fills my breast,
who does not know the heart of a mother.
~Marie Antoinette

 We all feel these things...even a queen.

She was such a beauty and so very young.

Her life was a fascinating 
point in history 
I was a queen,
and you took away my crown;
a wife,
and you killed my husband;
a mother,
and you deprived me of my children.
My blood alone remains:
take it,
but do not make me suffer long. 
~Marie Antoinette 

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