Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Make Mine Pink

If you are going to play golf...try it in pink

 Pink school bus?
Imagine the football team dressed out.

Have a need for speed on two wheels?

...or NOT...with four.

What about fast and sexy?

Pink classic muscle

Classic sporty pink

Vintage shabby pinky lavender

Sexy soft pink...love, love, love this color

Masculine pink
I dare you to call this man a sissy

Pink with lots of chrome

Pink with a smile just for you

Back this pink up...
who doesn't love a great looking rear?
Brown chicken...brown cow 

Low riding pink.

Check out this mirrored bumper...and zebra tire cover
How fun is that?

Make mine with a pink designer interior
Ok, granted the dash just might be a little too much

Be still my heart...a Beetle in pink

I'll take this one!
Which one is calling you?


  1. Ok, i've ALWAYS wanted a vintage pink car... omg, i want the cars in photo #9, #11, #12, and #14....


  2. beutifull vintage car!! i love it! from Vzla great post!

  3. These vehicles definitely give a new meaning to the term “pretty in pink”. They all look adorable! The color pink is not usually associated with vehicles and autos, but I think these autos make it work. Whether it is a vintage car or a modern auto, they all are a sight to behold. [Nettie Christensen]

  4. “Which one is calling you?” – I think all of them are calling my attention, especially that Camper van. I can imagine road trips and camping with that car, as well as breathtaking views and beautiful sunsets on the road. :-) [Dante Mallet]

  5. Haha! They are all so lovely! I haven’t seen a pink school bus in person. My niece would definitely love to go to school on a bus like that everyday! Haha. Anyhow, the pink Beetle is my fave. Cuteness all over! :D

    Leisa Dreps


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