Monday, April 25, 2011

Eye Candy

Marie Antoinette

You've got to love a good period movie...

Hair piled high and falling in curls...

Beautiful fabrics playing with light... 

Palest of skin...perfect, without flaw

Captivating the mystery of history

Enticing the media with it's eye candy

Fans, feathers, feminity...woohoo

Girl time. Girl talk.

Let's not forget those shoes...
Lots and lots of shoes.

Gorgeous, one-of-a kind shoes.. 

Did anyone else see these converse sneakers under the table?
I thought I was seeing things at first...
and then I found this image...
Sofia is toying with us girls.

I covet the fans.
They are gorgeous!

Can't you just see me chasing the toddlers
around the house with my fan to cool off?
It could work...

I might as well have a few petticoats
 too to go with them...

I'll skip the table of sweets,
but a maid would be a sweet treat occasionally

Enough said.

Love the blue ribbons

Blue room

Dripping gold

Crystal chandeliers

Yards and yards of fabulous fabrics

I love this movie for the images
and all the thoughts and feelings they
conjure up within me
A magical time in history in many ways
What do you think?

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