Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary Blue Eyes

I met Blue Eyes while working a temporary job selling bible studies. We would call churches and tell them about video bible study programs. Our desks were more like library study cubbies than desks. We had walls surrounding us on three sides.Our backs faced out from the fourth side. This was designed to keep sound blocked, or at least minimized, from one desk to another.  

The day I started the job, they placed me two desks away from Blue Eyes. All I could see of anyone in the room was their back. There was a low rumbling all around the room as people talked on the phone. When we made a sale to a church, we were required to stand up at our desk as we closed the sale. I believe this was designed to encourage us as we made many fruitless calls each day. 

At any rate, this rumbling was occasionally interrupted by someone standing up at their desk and then sitting back down. Blue Eyes had deep hearty laugh that would occasionally pierce the mumbling of the room. Each time it did I would smile inside. He was also constantly standing up and sitting down. We used to tease him that he must have a spring in his butt like Tigger. On one of those many times standing up that first day, our eyes met...and I knew instantaneously that this man was going to be a pivotal relationship in my life...   

Eight years ago today, I married my best friend.

He makes me smile still almost every day.

I cherish our relationship in so many ways.

Happy Anniversay Babe.

I love you!

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