Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember These?

Yesterday I took the little ones to the park for some sunshine. As I sat there and watched them play I got to thinking about the park equipment now and how much it had changed since I was a child.

I used to love the horse swings... well as the ones on springs.

We called this a jungle gym...
I wonder why...
maybe because we looked like a bunch of monkeys hanging off of it

This was always my favorite type of merry-go-round.
Not a merry-go round in sight these days...
kinda sad my little ones won't know that joy. 

Remember when you got all sweaty, how cold the water was in the fountain?
....and there was always a puddle at the base of it to get your feet wet in too!

No fountain now!
Better bring those juice boxes or water bottles with you.

Where did these go?

When you needed to call did it here...and not on your cell phone 

You also had to make sure you had money when you left home...
...and didn't spend it all so you could make that call.

This was my first car.
The rear window rolled down just like the side ones.
The engine was a 454. Can you imagine buying gas for that car now?

No Thanks!

What about these?
Don't hit one of these going fast or you are going to have issues.

Circle what you want for Christmas so you can tell Santa.

This one will date you...for sure!

I had some just like these.
Not too long ago I saw them for sell again.

Things are always changing.
Sometimes you miss the old, but sometimes you appreciate the new too.

It all weighs out in the end.

Embrace the things that bring you joy today...

...and smile while remembering them tomorrow.

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