Sunday, March 6, 2011

Images of Beauty

I love art museums.
I could wander around absorbing their beauty for hours.
 The colors used,
the textures, the subject matter, the brush strokes, and the execution of an internal vision all fascinate me.
I am captivated by these images of beauty. 

Monet is my favorite. I love, love, love Monet.

If Blue Eyes would have been agreeable, I would have named the last baby girl Emerson Monet.
Two great men, one beautiful child and a poetic name...perfection. No?

Anyway, most of you are familiar with Monet so none of his paintings today.
Let's check out some other artists instead...     

                                                             The Hammock by Boldini

The Birth of Venus by Francois Boucher

French Woman ~Unknown


Echo by Alexandre Cabanel

 Jessie Wilcox Smith  

Carpet Cat by Jan Sharkey Thomas

Hy Bright

Geranium by Jerry Davidson

EdMund Dulac

It's incredible how artists styles vary. 

How the eye can see the same thing...but the brain processes what the eye sees so differently...and then add the factor of the hand in....and how the hand executes what the brain tells it. 

The colors chosen to use.

The amount of paint loaded onto the brush and how it is laid onto the canvas.

The use of light to bring it all to life. 

Incredible...simply incredible. 

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  1. Hi Janie,

    I love the first one, the Hammock and the last one of the bed by Edmund Dulac. It is interesting to see how painters differ in technique.

    They are all just beautiful works of art.

    Stephanie ♥


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