Monday, March 21, 2011

Prayers for Ethan and Linus

Prayers are VERY MUCH needed for these two sweet baby boys.

Ethan is fighting Leukemia.
He is currently responding to his chemo,
but may be in need of a bone marrow transplant eventually.
No match has been found to date.
To get more info on Ethan, you can go here:

Baby Linus was born with heart problems.
Tomorrow he will have yet another surgery with a frighteningly high mortality rate.
Please pray with us that Linus is strong enough to thrive through what he must do next.

To get more info on Linus you can go here:

Both of these sweet little boys and their families can use any help that you are able to offer.

Some facts about Linus:
-5 1/2 month old triplet with an identical brother, a fraternal brother & 2 moms
-as of today he's spent 93 days in the hospital (over 3 mos, more than half his life)
-critical aortic stenosis, mitral stenosis, 2 VSD (Shone's Variant)
-18 blood transfusions
...-4 heart catheters starting at 2 days of age(3 balloon, 1 diagnostic)

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