Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A rose is a rose is a rose

Most people that know me well would tell you that I hate roses. They would be telling the they know it. I did dislike roses immensely...once. They reminded me of funerals...and even more, they reminded me of the funerals of those I had loved and lost. The very smell of them would change my mood and sicken my stomach. They smelled of grief to me. I had few positive memories to link with the smell of them.

All this changed two years ago. We were having a Pink Poodle in Paris party for our youngest daughter, who we call Boo. Everything was pink ( yeah, I know, I warned you about me and pink). My middle daughter and her sweetie were coming early to help us decorate. He brought the most gorgeous pink roses for us with him. He had picked them out himself. They matched the party decor perfectly. His kindness touched me and suddenly these roses were nice. They were really better than nice. They were gorgeous. They said thoughtfulness, kindness, and more importantly, enough love for my daughter to make the effort to please me. I looked at and smelled those roses continually until they faded away and dropped their petals. I had loved roses, for the first time.

         Since then I have brought home several bushes for our garden.

Quite often blue eyes brings them home for me. They make me smile. They are a warm fuzzy in my day. They say family to me in a happy way now. A fresh rose smells of love, kindness, and a wonderful life.

We moved last summer to a new house. It is a wonderful, light filled, family sized home but it doesn't have a single rose bush. I considered digging up my roses and taking them with me from the old house. I decided to leave them as a gift to the new owners instead. Maybe, just maybe, they too will smile when they all bloom next spring.

I also decided it wouldn't be long before I order some roses for the new house.

Image source unknown

I saw an image of a climbing rose near a front door. What a greeting to a visitor. Welcome to our home! We are so glad you came. I'm thinking we might need something along these lines at our house. What do you think?

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  1. I think if you can successfully grow roses around your front door like that, you definitely need to help me plan my garden!!! :)


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