Sunday, February 27, 2011

A special place for me

I have a completely insane desire.
I'm not sure why my mind ruminates on it like it does but it's almost like a mini vacation for me just to play with the mere idea of it. 

Here we go...are you ready to hear it...? I want a travel trailer.  

Now I don't want just any ol' travel trailer. I'm not interested in guidance systems...or dish washers...or pop outs. I want a vintage trailer...a piece of history. I'm thinking an airstream...a "silver bullet"...a Cadillac of travel trailers. I want it well built, simple and classic...and then...I want to make it mine.

When I was little my grandfather had an Airstream...King of the Road, if I remember correctly. I loved to play in that trailer. To me it was a huge wonderful playhouse. What more could a little girl ask for? I was in heaven when I had my dolls and hours to play in that trailer. I'm dreaming of something similar...but oh so different too. The design artist in me longs to change it...paint it...drape it...upholster it...jewel it...

...are you following me? Maybe it's that child of the 70's in me....or a bohemian gypsy spirit longing to be nurtured. I see curling ephemera...cabbage roses...texture galore...a space that embraces the soul of a woman.

I want a magical cocoon to dream in.

A womb like space to create and write down the thoughts as they flicker through my mind.

Feather mattresses to sink into...velvet throws to warm...stained glass windows to play with the light as it comes streaming into the space...crystal chandeliers that tinkle in the slightest breeze like delicate wind chimes...embroidered pillows piled high and deep to prop up oriental carpets on the floor to delight bare feet.

Vintage tin ceilings...old woodwork...lace curtains...delicate china for morning coffee... 

I'm not dreaming of a masculine space, but I would love to share it with Blue Eyes...
 at the beach...or on a mountain top...or even at the edge of a lake...

No wonder I ruminate on it quite often...

Doesn't it sound heavenly?

Photos by: Jonny Valiant 

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  1. Janie,
    I totally get your obsession about the trailer...I have a junky truck obsession. I want an old turquoise and rusty one, just for fun and junkin around. Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you now.

  2. Hi Janie,

    The airstream is the way to go for sure! And you can find them fairly inexpensive that are in need of a total transformation.

    I'm a child of the 70's too..I was 11 to 21 years old during that decade. My..what fun I had growing up. Even at almost 53 years old my bohemian spirit is still strong.

    I'd love to go in Magnolia Pearl's airstream and "pet" everything. :0) I've been following her for about 8 years. A truly amazing woman!

    You want that airstream I can can manifest it and be on your way very soon...start looking for one now. You never know what can happen until you take it to the next step.

    Thanks so much for popping in for a visit with me. I'm so glad you come by anytime and I'll do the same.

    Have a wonderful day...
    Stephanie ♥

  3. Hi Janie!
    I put the scrolly frame on my pics using Photoshop Elements. It's great for stuff like that!
    BTW.. Welcome to Blogland!
    Valentine Design
    My Desert Cottage

  4. My hubby & I would like a small canasta(I think that is the name). We saw these women who travel across Texas in a group. Each one had their camper decorated so cute. We saw them at a TX Country Reporter event.


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