Monday, February 21, 2011

Calling all Carpenters and Do-It-Yourself-ers

Any one heard of Ana White? Love, love, love her...and you will too! Interested yet? do you feel about these major retailers...Pottery Barn? Land of Nod? Crate and Barrel? Magic Moon? We could go on and on. Sounding better right?

Ana White breaks these companies popular home designs down in to do-able home projects. You can own what you love for a fraction of what it would cost you retail. The best part is that all of the designs, pics, plans, and tutorials are free...yep, you read that right...FREE. Now are you interested?

Need a place for eveyone in the family to drop their coats, bags, school work, etc? GOT IT!

How about a one of a kind bed for that special little guy in your life? GOT IT!

...and don't forget that special little girl! Yep...that's right...GOT IT! Did I say free? Yep, free.

Needing a new headboard/footboard for one of your bedrooms? GOT IT again!

Laundry Room Clutter making you nuts? She has a solution for you...GOT IT...and it's free too.

Are you getting excited yet? Are your fingers twitching to get out the power tools? Do you have the DIY bug? Keep looking....

Still want more? She's got it. Keep going...

Can you believe how wonderful she is...with hundreds of designs just waiting for you?

Go check her out for yourself at You won't be disappointed.

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