Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lovin' The Lillies

featured at Longwood Gardens

Lilytopia is the largest lily show
in North America and shows off
the latest varieties of lilies
 developed by Dutch breeders.

Longwood Gardens is located
in Kennett Square, PA. 
The property was originally owned and
developed by Pierre du Pont
to preserve the trees.

It is now maintained by a foundation
set up by du Pont for this purpose.
This season was a second for Lilytopia.

Can you imagine the wonderful fragrance? 

Some of these lillies have never
been seen before in the USA.

The show was inspired by the world-famous
lily show at Holland's Keukenhof...

...and designed by renowned Dutch floral designer,
 Dorien van den Berg...

...with displays of more than
10,000 cut flowers.

Showcasing of the newest varieties of lilies
developed by Dutch hybridizers.

Here a lily...

There a lily...

Everywhere you look a lily.

The show was created to get
us excited about lillies.

I'm excited about lillies now...

well, ok...I always was.

What's not to love?

Gorgeous. Fragrant. Easy to grow.

What about you?

Which ones makes your heart beat a little faster?


  1. Hi Janie,
    What an amazing place to visit, Lucky You!! I have never seen solid Lily archways, so dreamy, as I am sure they smell! I am in awe of the building itself, wow!!

  2. Janie,
    Stunning array of flowers! I have never seen so many gorgeous lilies!

    Come and join my amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  3. Janie - you have won the F&B samples over on my blog. Email me at so I can give the contact, etc. Congrats!

  4. Hi Janie,

    What an amazing post full of floral gorgeousness !

    Thank you for sharing the beauty !


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